Aug. 4, 1826 – Rev. Remembrance Chamberlain announced Hopewell Presbytery formation of a new church at Jackson, GA.

March 7, 1827 –  the Inferior Court Justices of Jackson gave our church Trustees two acres of land.

March 20, 1834 – Jackson Presbyterian Church was represented at the Flynt River Presbytery in McDonough, Georgia.

July 9, 1843 – Fellowship Church was organized.

April 1852 – The Presbyterians and Baptists jointly built a church building.

1867 – Atlanta Presbytery was formed.

1875 – Jackson Presbyterian Church was removed from the rolls of Atlanta Presbytery.

October 1885 – The Atlanta Presbytery appointed the Revs. Quigg and McKay to form a committee to re-organize the Jackson Presbyterian Church.

April 1887  – The Baptists separated from the Presbyterians and built their own church.

1887 – In the spring of 1887, the Atlanta Presbytery met in Jackson.

October 17, 1897 – The new Presbyterian sanctuary was dedicated—the Rev. Quigg preaching the dedication sermon. The Rev. Pharr may have been a founding Elder.

STUDENT PASTORS (WW II -1939 through 1945)

1955 – A Fellowship Hall, classrooms, and office space were added to the church.

March 6, 1989 – Lightning strikes the steeple, causing considerable damage, but the church does not burn.

October 26, 1997 – Centennial celebration with Rev Wade Bell preaching the dedication ceremony.

July 2000 – Presbytery Meeting, The Jackson Presbyterian Church received the “Sma|l Church of the Year Award for 2000″ and the Rev. Jones received “The Small Church Pastor of the Year Award for 2000.” This was the first time in the history of the awards that the church and the pastor received both awards.

May 2006 – Rev. Becky Baker became student supply pastor.

April 20, 2008  – Dedication of Building Expansion & Furnishings.

Pentecost Sunday, May 2009 – Rev. Becky Baker ordained and installed as pastor.